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How to Pick the Best Bar Stools?

Technology has created so much ease in wine storage at present, and a wine cellar fridge is the best outcome of this technology to store your favourite wine at a perfect temperature. You can give a new look to your wine cellar with wine cellar accessories and enhance the aesthetic charm of your drinking spaces, home bars, and wine cellars by adding wine racks, counters, cork bar stools, and bar stools.

Things to consider before buying bar stools

The barstools should be a medley of comfort and design. Undoubtedly, one can easily be overpowered by the available designs’ multiplicity, you need to gingerly consider your essentials before wasting your money on the wrong purchase. Because the unsuitable stool could make you feel discontented and irritated. The worst thing is you would not take a hint of the wrong stool until you have used your bar stool for some time. So, there are certain things you need to consider before buying and making your purchase worthwhile.

Carry out measurements

Bar stools are different in height, so firstly, it’s essential to consider the most suitable height for your needs. Estimate the height of a stool from the footing/floor to the seat and not the seatback. The right way to estimate the height of a stool is to first assess the kitchen bar height. Estimate from the base/floor to the bar, table, or islands under-side. Then deduct 25 to 30 cm from the calculated height and you will get an ideal kitchen height of a stool. It’s a good way to know your measurements ahead of time to narrow your choices down immensely.

Adjustable height

These stools contain the mechanism of a hydraulic gas lift to assist you to reach a relaxing height when you get seated. Never leave an idea to purchase a standard gas-lift stool that can defy daily usage.

High back and footrest

A high-backed stool might be an asset worth considering as it is comfortable and offers full support to your back. You can choose this stool from a greater diversity of designs. You may also need to think of a footrest for more convenience and easy access.


You can turn around or move from place to place without moving the stool’s base of the stool with the swivel quality. It’s lovely to have a swivel function while you drink your favourite wine on a bar stool.

Space matters

To comfortably sit and move without bothering the next person, each bar stool must be kept 15 cm apart at least. Preferably, this way you can figure out the number of bar stools that will work for your kitchen bar according to this measurement.

What’s prevalent

In most kitchens, the wooden tops made of strong and blending natural materials such as mango wood or rattan with a metal base are a wonderful choice.

However, choosing a bar stool is a personal preference but you should also make ergonomics a key factor when buying a bar stool. You may need to take into consideration the space where you have to place stools, the wood colour of the kitchen bench with a bar stool, durability of the material since the heavier ones are not always stronger.