Wed. Apr 17th, 2024
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Things to look at when buying a commercial mower

When purchasing your commercial mowers, you need to make several considerations. Whether you are diversifying your fleet, upgrading or purchasing the mover for the first time, you must be extremely careful in the whole process. The kind of equipment you select will determine your efficiency, speed and comfort. Many firms specialize in designing commercial mowers in the market. Take your time to understand each brand and then select the one that works perfectly for all your needs. When making your final decision, keep the following in mind;

Operator Position

When you start the purchase process, the first thing should be determining your working position. Speak to your crew when making this decision so that you will know how they want to be when using the mower. Are you comfortable while walking, standing or sitting? commercial grade lawn mowers that offer you the standing and walking option are ideal for maneuverability. When you are going to work on the large grass sections, then you must consider the ride on. This is a very critical factor in the purchase process. Having an amazing operating position will reduce your fatigue and at the same time keep your body safe. Your team will enjoy working when they are using comfortable equipment.

Tasks for your equipment

The second step is determining the type of tasks you will be performing with your machine. These machines are used for bagging and mowing. Most of the walk behinds in the market have the ideal bagging abilities. When you need more functions from your equipment, you need to purchase the front movers because they have more attachments that are compatible. Speak to an expert about the abilities of different machines so you can make an ideal decision.

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The cutting width

Most of the commercial mowing equipment in the market offer different cutting widths. Before you make the decision about purchasing, look at your needs. When you select the large mower decks, you and your team will be able to work faster. The small mowers, on the other hand, tend to be agile and better in compact. It is essential to consider width restrictions too. Storage space, gates, trailers and even trees present in your working space determine the width of your mowing equipment.

Petrol or diesel

In the modern times, the petrol mowers are common compared to the diesel ones. Most people purchase these machines because they are affordable in the market. Experts say that the petrol commercial mowers are easily repairable when they break down. There are numerous advancements for the petrol equipment too. The petrol models are becoming more effective in their performance, and some are able to reduce their service time. If your goal is to have simple and very convenient commercial mowing equipment, then you need the petrol mower.

Diesel commercial mowers are believed to have more efficiency when compared to the petrol models. The overall running costs of these machines according to experts are extremely low. The service intervals are also very long, and this simply means that you will have fewer down times in your businesses. The diesel machines will offer its uses more torque compared to the other alternatives in the market. This will mean that you are going to have efficiency when you are cutting grass in challenging conditions. The diesel machine requires less oil. When your goal is to get a machine that will last for a longer time, the diesel machine will be the perfect machine for you.

What are your discharge preferences?

When selecting your discharge options, you have to keep in mind the kind of properties you will be working on. The rear discharge machine will work when you are working on the roadside. The side discharge, on the other hand, is best when you need to have a neat and polished outcome. This commercial machine has the best cutting efficiency too for the damp conditions.